Soul Awakener

Soul Awakener


Buds and shoots of green
Flowering new life to sing
Fruit is ripening
Thank you dear Mother

Falling autumn leaves
Ice and snow will soon be here
Darkness now descends
All beginnings have their end

I am with you, I am with you
Ask in love, in love receive

You are here, here with me
I can feel you in my heart

I give thanks for you
Love Awakener
I sing my thanks to you
Soul Awakener.





Soul Awakener

Songsheet and score PDF

In This Body

In this body
In this heart and soul

Guru Deva / Hey, Lord

Guru Deva
Hey, Lord
Here am I

Living, Breathing Being

Have you drunk this water,
Have you breathed this air,
Have you walked upon this earth?

I Am The Light

O my Lord, I thank You for each day,
You show me,
O my Lord, You show me the way


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