Great Wonder

Great Wonder


Wondrous, wondrous
Wondrous All
Wondrous One

All these different forms
Arising from the formless
All is one
Great wonder

Being the change
I want to see
An open mind
In reality

Samsaric things
Don’t exist
Yet appear,
Great wonder!

Being the change
I want to see
An open heart
In reality.






Great Wonder

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Compilation A

Compliation A
18 songs
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Know Yourself

Know, know,
Know yourself,
Know, know yourself
Om Mani Padme Hum

I Am The Light

O my Lord, I thank You for each day,
You show me,
O my Lord,
You show me the way

Release My Soul

Every night in total trust
In total trust and faith
I give all that is unresolved
To the highest consciousness


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