With My Heart

With My Heart


With my heart
At the centre
I am feeling
The flowing

The living energy
In my blood
In my bones
All my body

The living energy
In my skin
In this space
In these sounds

The living energy
In these plants
In these sisters
In these brothers

The living energy
In this earth
In this light
In my heart.



With My Heart

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Guru Deva / Hey, Lord

Guru Deva
Guru Deva
Hey, Lord
Here am I

Todos Están Cantando

Todos están cantando
Para cantar con todos
Todo el mundo a cantar
Todo el mundo a bailar

I’m In Love With You

I’m in love with you
In the light of the sun and the moon
Everything is new
Being in love with you

Compilation A

Compliation A
18 songs
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