O Govinda

O Govinda


O Govinda, O Govinda
O Govinda, Govinda
O Govinda, O Govinda
O Govinda

When I am away from you
My heart feels so sore

Apart from you one moment feels like
Twelve long years or more

Tears are flowing from my eyes
Falling down like rain

Emptiness is all the world
Until you’re here again.



O Govinda

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I’m In Love With You

I’m in love with you
In the light of the sun and the moon
Everything is new
Being in love with you

In This Body

In this body
In this heart and soul

O Goddess Of Water

O Goddess of Water
Your sons and your daughters we are

Spirit Of My Prayer

See it in the trees
Spirit of my prayer
Feel it in the breeze
Breathe it in the air


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