Compilation A

Compilation A


 1. I Am The Living Earth
2. O Goddess Of Water
3. This Could Only Come From Love
4. Sita Ram
5. Songs Of The Heart
6. Devi (Universal Mother)

7. Spirit Of My Prayer
8. Living Breathing Being
9. Release My Soul
10. Keep It Simple
11. I Am The Light
12. I’m In Love With You

13. O Govinda
14. Know Yourself
15. Guru Deva
16. Hey Lord
17. In This Body
18. All Is Well





Compilation A - Lyrics and Chords

Songsheet PDF

Compilation A - The Scores

Score PDF

Blessings On You All

Singing to all
My family and friends
Singing to all
My parents before

I Am The Light

O my Lord, I thank You for each day,
You show me,
O my Lord,
You show me the way

Spirit Of My Prayer

See it in the trees
Spirit of my prayer
Feel it in the breeze
Breathe it in the air

Release My Soul

Every night in total trust
In total trust and faith
I give all that is unresolved
To the highest consciousness


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