Songs Of The Heart

Songs Of The Heart


Thank You for this new day
A-hey, a-heya
The turning Earth and
The rising sun
The rising sun

I find what makes my heart sing
Sing, sing
And I’m singing
The songs of my heart
My heart, my heart

I can hear your heart sing too–
And I love
Singing with you
With you, with you

All praises to the source of love
Of love, of love
An open heart bringing
Peace and joy
And joy, and joy.


Songs Of The Heart

Songsheet & Score PDF

Spirit Of My Prayer

See it in the trees
Spirit of my prayer
Feel it in the breeze
Breathe it in the air

May I Be Well

May I be well
May I be happy
May I be healthy
May I live with ease

I Owe Nothing

I owe nothing to anyone
Other than being true
To my heart
And to the Maker of my existence

Light Of Love’s Ecstasy

Hare Durga
Kali Shiva
Hare Hare
Durga Kali Shiva Hare


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