Right Place

Right Place


Right place, right time
For me, here and now

I breathe, I sing
I pray, here and now

I feel, I learn
To be, here and now

I heal, I love
I live, here and now

Attune, accept
Arise, here and now

Receive, rejoice
Renew, here and now





Right Place

Songsheet and score PDF

I Can Sing

I can sing
Let me sing
And I love to
Sing with love

We Are Happy (Birthday)

We are happy
That you were born (“I was born!”)
We are happy
Because you’re here (“I am here!”)

Blessings On You All

Singing to all
My family and friends
Singing to all
My parents before

Hare Ma

Hare Ma
Hare Ma
Hare Ma
Hare Ma


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