Right Place

Right Place


Right place, right time
For me, here and now

I breathe, I sing
I pray, here and now

I feel, I learn
To be, here and now

I heal, I love
I live, here and now

Attune, accept
Arise, here and now

Receive, rejoice
Renew, here and now





Right Place

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I See With Eyes Of Love

I see with eyes of love
I hear with ears of love
I talk with voice of love
I walk with feet of love

Blessings On You All

Singing to all
My family and friends
Singing to all
My parents before


Oh this love I feel it going deep
I feel it now
Oh this love I feel it going deep
Into the very core of my heart

I Owe Nothing

I owe nothing to anyone
Other than being true
To my heart
And to the Maker of my existence


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