Right Place

Right Place


Right place, right time
For me, here and now

I breathe, I sing
I pray, here and now

I feel, I learn
To be, here and now

I heal, I love
I live, here and now

Attune, accept
Arise, here and now

Receive, rejoice
Renew, here and now





Right Place

Songsheet and score PDF

I Call

Here it is
My hour of need
I call
My Spirit Guides

Hare Ma

Hare Ma
Hare Ma
Hare Ma
Hare Ma

Release My Soul

Every night in total trust
In total trust and faith
I give all that is unresolved
To the highest consciousness

I Surrender, I Receive

I surrender and receive
Love’s healing power
Transforming, unifying with
Love’s healing energy feel


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