Light Of Love’s Ecstasy

Light Of Love’s Ecstasy


Heya hey, heya hey
Heya hey, heya

Heya hey, heya hey
Hey hey, hey hey, hey hey, heya

Hare Durga Kali Shiva
Hare Hare
Durga Kali Shiva Hare

Heya hey, one day
Here we play in the light
Heya hey, one way
Praying for my soul
All through the night

We can see
Shining from the sun
Shining from the heart
Light of Love’s ecstasy

We must be
Bowing to the moon
Bowing to the stars
Bowing to infinity

No more night and day
Nowhere to stay
Nothing in my way

No more mind and body
Leaving one and all
No more mother and child.




Light Of Love’s Ecstasy

Songsheet and score PDF

Release My Soul

Every night
In total trust
In total trust and faith
I give all that is unresolved
To the highest consciousness


I give myself to Love
To live and grow
Surrendering to God
All that I know

I’m In Love With You

I’m in love with you
In the light of the sun and the moon
Everything is new
Being in love with you

I Call

Here it is
My hour of need
I call
My Spirit Guides


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