Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple


I was sick then I was well
Now I am as I am
Everything a gift from God
So I keep it very simple

We are here as finite beings
Dancing with infinity
Every day your first and last
Keep Heart and Mind in unity

Awe and wonder everywhere
The Heart was made for loving
Smiling might be seen
Or tears falling

One task: to make my way
Being true in gratitude
For all that was, is now, shall be
As I look so I can see

Divine Love is here in us
In this healing
Just as we are now
Just as it is

So I keep it very simple, I
Trust the Maker of this life
All my faith is in Love
I keep my flame of faith alight.



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I give myself to Love
To live and grow
Surrendering to God
All that I know

This Could Only Come From Love

The flowing of water
The sound of your laughter
The light in your eyes
Could only come from love

Guru Deva / Hey, Lord

Guru Deva
Guru Deva
Hey, Lord
Here am I

Release My Soul

Every night in total trust
In total trust and faith
I give all that is unresolved
To the highest consciousness


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