I Can Sing

I Can Sing


I can sing
Let me sing
And I love to

Sing with love
Sing in love
Singing with you

I can dance
Let me dance
And I love to

Dance with love
Dance in love
Dancing with you

I can pray
Let me pray
And I love to

Pray with love
Pray in love
Praying with you

I can laugh
Let me laugh
And I love to

Laugh with love
Laugh in love
Laughing with you

I can change
Let me change
And I love to

Change with love
Change in love
Changing with you

I can live
Let me live
And I love to

Live with love
Live in love
Living with you.




I Can Sing

Songsheet and score PDF

This Could Only Come From Love

The flowing of water
The sound of your laughter
The light in your eyes
Could only come from love

Devi (Universal Mother)

Devi, please hear me,
Devi, please hear me,
Devi, hear my prayer, Devi

I’m In Love With You

I’m in love with you
In the light of the sun and the moon
Everything is new
Being in love with you

I Surrender, I Receive

I surrender and receive
Love’s healing power
Transforming, unifying with
Love’s healing energy feel


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